WellCalc Software

The success of a Wellmaster installation is based on correctly choosing  the right product and fully understanding the required performance  and local conditions. Well depth, casing diameter, required flow, pump size and cabling weights are just some of the factors that need  to be taken into consideration when designing a submersible pump installation.

Angus Flexible Pipelines has developed a software package for Wellmaster, which takes all these parameters into account and produces a detailed report on the suitability of the proposed set up. The software package, called WellCalc, has been designed to only work with the unique features of Wellmaster to assist you in your system designs.

Caution: this program is applicable to the unique construction and performance of Wellmaster, incorrect results will occur if applied to other riser types and manufacturers.

To use WellCalc you just need to register once.  With your login you can then use WellCalc again and again.
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