Installation Support

The Angus Flexible Pipelines Team is available to help and advise with installation support for your Wellmaster system. Our world-renowned installation manual is also available as a soft copy for you to download and use locally.

(Please note, by registering to download this manual you give your consent to us to contact you about our products and services.)

Angus Flexible Pipelines Australia runs approved installer courses both at the Angus factory and on-site.  Please enquire for details.  Angus engineers are also available to offer on-site installation support.

Videos on Coupling Attachment

The following videos give detailed instructions on the attachment of Wellmaster couplings.

Section 1 – Introduction to the Wellmaster coupling components.

Section 2 – Preparing the Wellmaster and fitting it to the coupling.

Section 3 – Fitting the coupling collars and initial tightening.

Section 4 – Completing the fitting of the coupling and adjusting the torque.

Section 5 – Troubleshooting