Dewatering is a crucial part of the mining process, and its efficient management leads to major cost savings. Accurate control of surface and ground water is essential as poorly managed water could have an impact on the safety of the miners, the performance of the mine and conservation of the environment.

Angus Flexible Pipelines has been supplying flexible rising main systems for mine dewatering for over 35 years. Wellmaster, offers exceptional strength and hydraulic efficiency as well as major cost savings and performance and safety advantages over conventional rigid polyethylene, glass fibre, galvanised and steel pipes. Wellmaster is in use across the world from the mountains of Chile to the deserts of Egypt and the Australian outback.

In addition, Angus Flexible Pipelines manufactures a wide range of waste water disposal hoses, such as Armourline, Super Aquaduct and Flowmaster. These are easily stored, transported and deployed providing quick and efficient water transfer from the wellhead to the tailings dam or disposal point.