A high performance flexible layflat hose, constructed from a circular woven synthetic jacket encapsulated in rubber, suitable for all types of sludge, slurry, and dirty water operations.  Dragmaster comes with a 10 year warranty.

Easy to Store & Transport
Lightweight, compact and excellent coilability for economical storage. More flexible than plastic hoses for smoother coiling and easier handling.

Fast Deployment & Retrieval
Long continuous lengths can be quickly deployed and retrieved using light duty reels.

Low Operating Costs
Unique textile construction for minimum pressure loss and maximum hydraulic efficiency. Superior kink resistance at low pressure maintains maximum hydraulic efficiency. Suitable for continuous operation at high pressure.

Long Service Life
Designed for long service life on a wide variety of ground conditions with minimal maintenance. Tough and durable rubber cover with exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting. Advanced black rubber compound for maximum resistance to agricultural chemicals, ozone, UV, and weathering. Resistant to microbiological attack from untreated and treated sludges and slurries.